Dark pores are the common pores and skin problem resulting from shaving, sebum, extra oil, dust and micro organism and so on. It is very irritating and we want to do away with the demanding problem as quickly as feasible. Pores seem because of formation of blackheads and in maximum instances it seems because of shaving. Stop shaving is the first and easy manner to take away dark pores on the legs. Check out seven effective methods beneath to get rid of the dark pores on legs. Test out the seven possible ways underneath to get rid of dark pores on the legs.

Warm Water:

Heat water can assist to repair the hydration at the pores and skin and also facilitates in treating massive sized pores. Take one tub of heat water and soak your legs in it. Now, soak your leg in this water and anticipate a while. Watch for at least 15 mins and make sure you dip your legs until your knee.

Sugar and Olive Oil Solution:

It’s far extraordinarily critical to attend to your pores and skin whilst handling massive sized pores. The bigger the pores, the extra the dust will get amassed underneath the pores. Take two spoons of sugar and add some olive oil to the solution. Now, mix both the elements collectively and scrub on the affected part. Rubdown for a while and wash your skin with lukewarm water after 15 mins. This can help you to take away the dark brown spots on the legs.

Brown Sugar:

Brown sugar is a great ingredient which allows in eliminating the lifeless cells. You need to combine some brown sugar with  spoons of aloe vera gel and one spoon of lime juice. Make a thick paste and practice at the big sized pores to your leg. Wash off with clean water and pat dry. Brown sugar is an notable exfoliating product which allows to get a softer and moisturised skin in comparison to other factors.

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